Content Creation

PR is about communicating your message effectively, so at Penguin PR we will take whatever you want to say and make it a story worth telling.

Content creation might be in the form of a press release, through your website and social media or in a brochure or newsletter – we can turn our hand to all three.

We know that every business has a story to tell, a brand to build or reputation to protect, but many need additional help, insight and resource to do it properly.  

Our experience ranges from ghost-writing newspaper columns to giving you a voice in the all-important realm of social media, be it through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or whatever comes along as the next best thing. 

The common thread is always well-written good quality content; whether digital or in print, our writing is always fresh and engaging.

We can also turn our writing talents to your marketing campaigns, whether it is promotional magazine copy, websites, e-shots or adverts. We will brief journalists on your behalf and, because PR without good photos is like eggs without bacon, brief photographers to take the best, most eye-catching, shot. 

We provide full service PR support in Derby, Nottingham and across the East Midlands – whether online or offline – reaching your audience where they are most active and likely to engage with your brand.

Website Copy

Press Releases


Social Media



Opinion Pieces

Recommended Services

Digital Comms

From website copy to social media campaigns, we ensure your digital presence makes an impact.

Event Management

From product launches to grand openings, we invite the movers and shakers and ensure they are impressed.

Award Entries

Our award entry writing gets to the heart of your business and helps builds your reputation as an industry leader.